The delightful genre of otome-game isekai manga

Somehow, while I’ve been diving back into reading manga after my stint of using novels as escapism from a bad boss (I’ll talk about that another time), I’ve only now come across the genre of otome-game isekai! It’s a very oddly specific genre but is so much fun to read.

There may be some spoiler-related things in this post just because of how the genre goes. If you’re not into spoilers, skip this post. I’ve hidden it under the Read More if you’re on the main site. 🙂

Personal note: I know we haven’t had any updates for quite some time! There’s been a lot of changes at home so we haven’t had a lot of time to devote to the site. Hopefully next year will be better! Stay tuned!

August 2020 update: one of the above series got an anime series — check out my review here!

August 2020 update #2: somehow this is one of my most popular posts because there’s a lot of you fellow fans out there! I’ve updated the below with a BUNCH of suggestions to read and started to separate them out — cos there’s a lot of differences!

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