The delightful genre of otome-game isekai anime

Personal notes: I’m back!!! I know my last post was all the way back in February – before a lot of things changed – but now that I’m officially done with my master’s degree and we’re really settled in from moving, I have a desire to get back on track blogging. Let’s start with my favorite topic that’s really gotten me through the pandemic so far…

Does the title of this post look familiar? Maybe a little too familiar? Like maybe you literally saw it two posts ago and you’re wondering if I got lazy and reposted it all over again? (I mean, yes, I did, but…) If you watched any Spring 2020 anime, one of the following series from the following image should look familiar…

oh hello review from December

That’s right! My Next Life as a Villainess (in Japanese: 乙女ゲームの破滅フラグしかない悪役令嬢に転生してしまった…, AKA: HameFura はめふら) got an anime adaptation in the Spring 2020 cycle. A *full* season. Like twelve episodes. A real anime adaptation that released weekly and not just a small web series or something like that.

I was scared/excited for the adaptation just because manga adaptations can be that bad — Golden Kamuy’s CG use or Dance in the Vampire Bund’s veering from the story — but if it’s done well, it just makes us fans SOOO HAPPY. So guess what? I feel like HameFura’s anime adaption deserves the following award…

I’d even go as far to give the anime this award:

It’s one of the only shows recently that I made a concerted effort to watch each episode as soon as it came out, just because each episode was just so good. YES, it is a shojo, so there’s more focus on the relationship building than fighting or anything else, and it does it well. Each character fits into a certain archetype, and how each archetype plays well or not with the main character just made it fun to watch. I laughed quite a bit with this series (especially with one of the non-story episodes), and really look forward to season 2.

If you couldn’t tell off the bat, and this is pretty much the same with a lot of other isekai, this is a reverse harem with a departure from the typical otome isekai reverse harem. Which is so wholesome while being so cute to watch. Hnnnnnnng.

As we march on to the rest of 2020 and into 2021, I’m cautiously waiting for some more anime adaptations from this genre. 🙂


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